Wednesday, August 30, 2017

You've got to be kitten me

So we had a lesson with the Wolf family, and they had 5 little kittens
that were only a few days old. I can't remember what was being said,
but I ended up making the joke of "you've got to be kitten me" as I
was holding one of them.

Anyways, the Wolf family is awesome. The mom and daughter are members,
but the three sons aren't, but they are hopefully going to get
baptized next month! They really are the best and they are doing so
well, and both them and we have noticed a change within the past month
that we have been really working with them. And they also have a new
animal in their home every time we come over haha
And another part member family, Larry and Maria, are doing better as
we continue to meet with them. They are slowly making their way
through 1 Nephi, but Maria has a serious desire to understand more as
she reads. Even though she's not the member, she is the one who pushes
them to read, pray, go to church, etc. It's really cool to see that
Then, there is our investigator Nadia who reads The Book of Mormon
almost every day, and she is in 3 Nephi! It was also cool and powerful
to hear her talk about her own personal experiences she has had about
receiving personal revelation by reading The Book of Mormon and also
hear her talk about applying the doctrines and principles found in it
to her own life as well as we read with her this week.

Some miracles from this past week: are Sister Talbot and I got our
weekly email saying how much money we had left on our mission debit
card, and let's just say we didn't budget our money the best for this
month, which means we couldn't really buy anything today if we didn't
want to use our own personal money. But the Lord provided us a way to
not have to buy much today! We went and did service for a sister in
one of our wards, and she sent us home with a box of food. Then, there
was a stake women's conference that had a fair amount of extra food
that was sent home with us. THEN, another member gave us water and
eggs. We are definitely blessed and so grateful for that.

I have definitely noticed though that the Lord works miracles and
provides for us when we are obedient and have faith. First of all, the
food thing happened. But I also was thinking about how He has provided
a way for Sister Talbot and I to reach our goals for finding new
investigators for each week. They have come a lot in the form of
referrals, which is definitely the Lord's work. Also, our mission set
a goal to have 30 baptisms this month, which was 12 more than last
month. And guess what? We reached it! When we have goals and faith,
the Lord helps us out!

I am grateful to be serving as a missionary, and I love that I get to
share the gospel everyday. I love learning and growing.

I hope that all my family and friends in Texas are doing well and are
safe. I have seen pictures, and it seems unreal to me. I am definitely
praying for everyone.

I love y'all! Hope y'all have a great week! And for those in Texas, I
hope you can dry out some!
Sister Smith

Feeding the kitten! It's so cute



Mmmmm. Bat for dinner. haha jk

Weekly dog pic + countdown (the family has a son who comes home the same week I do, so they have a countdown)

People: "You match. Did you plan to?" Us: "nope! It just happened"

Roommate pic

#AZMM be like, members feed us so well. lol

Sundays be like... 



I think the definition of drizzle might be different depending where you are at...
(Katy is in the middle of Hurricane/Tropical storm Harvey)

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