Tuesday, February 28, 2017

We need a miracle!

So we had zone conference this week and we were playing zone feud
(family feud) and my zone was down like 10 points to 0. There was a
question and President clarified that the answer didn't have to be a
miracle, but I said out loud, "but we need a miracle!"
Also, I was able to make the congregation laugh at the adult session
of Stake Conference. They called all the missionaries up and they
asked some of us to say stuff. They asked if I had anything to say
since I was the last one and I used the missionary line of "I testify
to what my companion said, that it's true" and everyone laughed. So I
think that's an accomplishment haha

But yeah, this week was good. We had exchanges on Tuesday, so I got a
car back for a day! It was just a really good exchange. Then, zone
conference on Wednesday. We got to volunteer at the Phoenix marathon,
and I just thought to myself, "why do people do this?" But we just
cheered them on and then I helped prepare the cups of Gatorade to give
to the runners. It was fun. And then Stake Conference Saturday night
and Sunday morning. I basically heard the same messages as two weeks
ago, but it just shows me really what the focus is. We really need to
focus on keeping the sabbath day holy, going to the temple, and
applying the doctrine of Christ. These are so critical, and as we
apply the doctrine of Christ, we increase our faith in Heavenly
Father, Jesus Christ, and the Atonement of Christ. And then when can
more effectively share this message with others and spread the
blessings to everyone. I would encourage everyone to study and apply
the doctrine of Christ in your life and then share this message with
others. I know it can bless all of our lives!

Also, on Sunday, we spoke/taught at a care center since they have
their own little LDS service on Sundays. It's really awesome how many
people come even though they aren't members. Many come because it
makes them feel good, and that's really our main purpose in going
there other than giving the sacrament to those who are members. It
really is wonderful!

I hope y'all all are doing great! Love you!
Sister Smith
Exchanges with Sister Daniel

Sol Canyon Zone

Modeling the jacket I borrowed from a member because it was a

little chillier outside than I was expecting

 Gatorade job

District helping at the Phoenix Marathon

Missionary lunch today at Sister Cox's home

Me and Tug, Sister Cox's dog

Monday, February 20, 2017

Burning in the bosom... and the thighs... and the butt

So being on bike for the first time this week, I definitely felt the
burn. Another pun I had this week about riding a bike is that I think
I can "handle" it, since you know, bikes have handle bars lol
Another pun: it is always Sunny in Mesa (because I am now in the Sunny
Mesa ward and the Edgewood ward). But this week, especially on
Saturday and Sunday, it was not sunny. It rained basically all day
Saturday and a good majority of Sunday. Thankfully, members are
willing to give us rides to places.

So this week was a little rougher. Basically, at my old apartment,
everything had to be packed up downstairs since Sister Hirschi
finished her mission and went home. And then I was being transferred
and other missionaries were moving in. It was stressful. And then
Tuesday was transfers, and that is always stressful. I got my new
companion and we headed to my new area. The transition from my old
area to this area with a new companion and being on bike was harder
than I was expecting just because I didn't know anyone or where I was
going, but my companion did and it made me feel behind. But I am
getting used to it and know more people and know where I am going a
little more. But biking is exhausting! I was lucky and just had two
nights on the bike before having a full day since Tuesday, we just had
that night and then Wednesday, we did weekly planning, so we basically
just had the night left. Thursday was killer though and by the end of
the night, I was so ready to go to bed.

Sunday was really good though. The wards gave me a pretty warm welcome
and one of them had me give like a 5 minute talk/testimony (which I
was informed of the night before). I did the general introduction of a
missionary there, and said I'm sure I will still get asked many times,
and the congregation laughed. But I was right, I got asked the general
questions a few more times that day haha. But most of Sunday was spent
at the church since our wards meet at 8:30 and 1:30 in the same

So yeah, that's basically my week.
I love y'all!
Sister Smith
Last pictures with Sister Hirschi

Survived Day 1 on bike. And nothing is more attractive than a
Sister Missionary on bike haha (if you look closely, you can see that
I am wearing a bike necklace given to me by Sister Hirschi because she said I needed it more than her haha)

The only date we had on Valentines (they are date bars)

Idk who designed this, but I don't think I would be able to live
with the two doors like that

Bike selfie

Recent convert named Bill

 How do you make me happy? Feed me steak and pull out Rudy's BBQ
sauce to go with it (and yes, I am wearing my Texas necklace in this
picture too)

 My favorite corner on my desk because it has all the essentials--
Texas, mints, chapstick, BYU, tootsie rolls, and family ❤❤❤

Monday, February 13, 2017


So Sister Hirschi is going home tomorrow, aka she is dying tomorrow.
I also found out that I am being transferred and will be on bike, so
starting tomorrow I will also be dying. Haha jk, but it will be an
adjustment to be on bike. I was upset at first that I was getting
transferred, but then I got over it because I know it is what the Lord

Besides getting transfer news, this week wasn't too bad. I hit my six
month mark of being on my mission this week. Oskar was interviewed for
baptism, and so he should be able to be baptized this Friday. We had
ZTM on Wednesday, and Brother and Sister Adams came (our ward mission
leader and his wife). They had a lot of good comments and added a nice
view from a member's perspective.

We also attended a baptism for someone from one of Sister Hirschi's
old areas, and the Spirit is always so strong at baptisms. It was
absolutely amazing!

Not too much else exciting has happened this week. Just more
missionary work haha

So yeah. Hope everyone is doing well! Love y'all!
Sister Smith

Us and Bro Adams

This is my childish picture

Us after service at brainfood

 Zone after ZTM

This is Woody, a member we are working with

Celebrating my 6 month mark, aka my half birthday in the mission,
with a half birthday cake half ice cream shaved ice

Dinner with Sister St. Gelais

Just messing around while packing

Thug life lol

Monday, February 6, 2017

All things can be overcome, including a 19 point deficit

Yes, I know the result of the Super Bowl... We were at a part member
family's home during the fourth quarter and overtime, and they kept me
informed lol And I may or may not have watched overtime... We were
disappointed in the outcome.

But this week was great! I don't have too much time to write, but we
were referred a new investigator, and he is now on date for next
month! He was one of many referrals given to us the past few weeks,
but he is pretty solid right now.

We had some other lessons and more finding, but nothing too exciting.
This morning though, we went hiking. It's called Hieroglyphics Trail.
It was a lot of fun and the perfect weather. It was a pretty easy
hike, but very beautiful. And I drove the 12 passenger van, aka the
Silver Bullet, to and from the hike. That was fun.

Yeah, not too much more. I am doing well and love all y'all!
Sister Smith

District funny pic

Waiting for the Uhaul truck to help move

When they turn on the Super Bowl

 I make a great cactus

Sisters in the Silver Bullet

Group selfie at the top

Me driving the Silver Bullet