Monday, February 20, 2017

Burning in the bosom... and the thighs... and the butt

So being on bike for the first time this week, I definitely felt the
burn. Another pun I had this week about riding a bike is that I think
I can "handle" it, since you know, bikes have handle bars lol
Another pun: it is always Sunny in Mesa (because I am now in the Sunny
Mesa ward and the Edgewood ward). But this week, especially on
Saturday and Sunday, it was not sunny. It rained basically all day
Saturday and a good majority of Sunday. Thankfully, members are
willing to give us rides to places.

So this week was a little rougher. Basically, at my old apartment,
everything had to be packed up downstairs since Sister Hirschi
finished her mission and went home. And then I was being transferred
and other missionaries were moving in. It was stressful. And then
Tuesday was transfers, and that is always stressful. I got my new
companion and we headed to my new area. The transition from my old
area to this area with a new companion and being on bike was harder
than I was expecting just because I didn't know anyone or where I was
going, but my companion did and it made me feel behind. But I am
getting used to it and know more people and know where I am going a
little more. But biking is exhausting! I was lucky and just had two
nights on the bike before having a full day since Tuesday, we just had
that night and then Wednesday, we did weekly planning, so we basically
just had the night left. Thursday was killer though and by the end of
the night, I was so ready to go to bed.

Sunday was really good though. The wards gave me a pretty warm welcome
and one of them had me give like a 5 minute talk/testimony (which I
was informed of the night before). I did the general introduction of a
missionary there, and said I'm sure I will still get asked many times,
and the congregation laughed. But I was right, I got asked the general
questions a few more times that day haha. But most of Sunday was spent
at the church since our wards meet at 8:30 and 1:30 in the same

So yeah, that's basically my week.
I love y'all!
Sister Smith
Last pictures with Sister Hirschi

Survived Day 1 on bike. And nothing is more attractive than a
Sister Missionary on bike haha (if you look closely, you can see that
I am wearing a bike necklace given to me by Sister Hirschi because she said I needed it more than her haha)

The only date we had on Valentines (they are date bars)

Idk who designed this, but I don't think I would be able to live
with the two doors like that

Bike selfie

Recent convert named Bill

 How do you make me happy? Feed me steak and pull out Rudy's BBQ
sauce to go with it (and yes, I am wearing my Texas necklace in this
picture too)

 My favorite corner on my desk because it has all the essentials--
Texas, mints, chapstick, BYU, tootsie rolls, and family ❤❤❤

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