Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Hay there! I'm moo-ving on

So we went to a farm this morning to see some cows and feed/pet some
horses. Also, we got transfer news Saturday night, and I will be
leaving my area. Sister Wade will be leaving the area as well. I have
actually known that I would be leaving since Wednesday since on
Wednesday I got a call from President Townsend asking me if I would be
a STL (sister training leader). Of course I said yes. Then I had to go
to MLC  on Thursday for the first time. It's basically a meeting with
the mission leaders.

Anyways, as far as transfers are concerned, I will be going to Skyline
Stake serving in the Skyline, Noble, and Mountain Vista wards, and I
will be companions with Sister Talbot. So basically, I keep moving
eastward along Southern Ave here in Mesa while on my mission.

As for this past week in my area, we ended up having to drop Heather
because she just hasn't been progressing, and she isn't willing to
change. At least she knew it was coming and even made a comment, "I
feel like you have almost stuck with me a little too long"... But she
still came to church on Sunday, and we encouraged her to at least
continue to come to church, pray, and read The Book of Mormon. I know
that somewhere down the line she will eventually change those things
she needs to and be baptized. For now, it is just the Lord's timing.

We also have been able to find a few new people to teach in our area
thanks to the Spanish Elders in the area since they found a few people
who speak English and referred them over to us. There is one potential
investigator that the elders referred to us, and we have been trying
to contact him. Last night, we apparently barely missed him. We had
knocked on his door, but there was no answer so we walked back to our
car. I guess as we were walking away, he pulled up in his car, but he
wasn't able to get out fast enough to track us down so that he could
talk to us. He told this to the elders who then told us this.
Hopefully the new missionaries in this area will be able to contact
him and teach him because that experience shows that he at least has
some type of desire!

Also, on Saturday, I sang my first solo ever. It was for a baptism
that our roommates were having. They asked Sister Wade and I if we
could sing a musical number with them. As we were practicing earlier
in the week, they asked if I wanted to sing a solo for part of it. I
gave them a shocked and puzzled look, but I ended up solo-ing a few
lines in the song. Hopefully the Spirit helped improve the quality of
my voice haha. But the baptism was super awesome.

And thanks to modern technology, we have had fun seeing if we are
related to ward members. I found out that I am 8th cousins with one of
the bishops in my current area, Bishop Wright. So that was
interesting, and we had a good laugh about it.

Anyways, I love y'all! Hope all y'all have a fantastic week!
Sister Smith

 Last night of RS volleyball


Our goals whiteboard.  Slowly throughout the transfer more goals were added and this was the result. I also used it to find out roughly how much a gallon of water weighs #nerdlife 

BINGO with the Girls (and Raymond)

Grace (one of the patients at the Montecito care center)

Weekly dog pic

Graham family


Feeding the horse

I'm as happy as this horse when I get fed too 😂

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