Tuesday, August 15, 2017

2 for 1

The other night we were having what our apartment calls "family time"
and we were watching the end of the movie Prince of Egypt, which is
all about Moses and him leading the people out. The ending is them
crossing the Red Sea and the army getting drowned basically by the
water coming down. I said, "You can wave them goodbye." Then I
followed it up with "Sea ya later!"

Anyways, this week was good. I had my first 2 exchanges as an STL,
which was fun. The first one was kinda like a trial run to see how I
needed to do things and learn from it. Hopefully, I keep getting
better at conducting exchanges haha. But this week was super crazy
busy, and this coming week isn't going to be much different.

Amongst the craziness, we were able to find 2 new investigators that
seem super awesome. Like, they are totally willing to come to church
and read the scriptures and everything. It's amazing. We also had a
couple lessons with another investigator who is slowly coming along
who I am learning to love more and more. To go along with the
craziness, last Monday night we got taken out of our mission
boundaries by a part member family because they really wanted to take
us to a restaurant. Luckily, we were able to have them change where we
ended up eating so we didn't have to eat out of the mission.

We had zone conference. I sang in a musical number, so that was fun. I
had to give a training about faith and miracles. I love what the Bible
Dictionary says about miracles—"Miracles should not be regarded as
deviations from the ordinary course of nature." Miracles do happen
daily, we just have to be able to have the faith that they will happen
and then have the Spirit to recognize those miracles.

Yesterday, we had the opportunity to be apart of the Tucson Arizona
temple dedication. It was really awesome and the Spirit was so strong.
It also reminded me of how special the temple really is and why I
should always have and be worthy of a temple recommend.
We also had a member Missionary fireside last night, where I was apart
of another musical number. I'm catching up on all the singing I didn't
do when I was growing up haha. But at the fireside, there was an
investigator from another area who came and sat by us since the
missionaries from her area weren't there. In the middle of it, she
wanted to talk to us out in the foyer. She expressed some of her
concerns that she had. It was an interesting and cool experience for
me because even though this was the first time I had met her, I could
really feel God's love for her, therefore I felt an incredible love
for her.

Anyways, I hope y'all have fantastic weeks! Love y'all!
Sister Smith

12 months down

Or 1 year complete, aka, my birthday

When the candle falls...

These shoes used to be black a year ago... they will soon be
retired, especially since they almost have small holes forming 😢 RIP my favorite shoes
Lydia, an investigator

 Zone Conference

Weekly dog pic

What you have to do with a couch after elders had it...

Ghost Town explorin' today

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