Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Didn't C it

So I was on exchanges, and we were going to a member's home whose last name started with a C. We drove right by the house, so we had to flip around. She still didn't know which house it was, but I saw a big C on a door, and so I pointed out that it was probably that one (as we almost drove by it again). We parked, and I said, "I bet you didn't C that one." 

Anyways, another crazy busy week. We had a mission tour on Thursday with Elder Wilson and Elder Wakolo and their wives. It was really awesome. It was long though. We got there at 8am since we had a song practice before (yes, I sang in another musical number). We didn't leave the mission tour until around 5:45pm. It was all really good though. Our main focus was on using The Book of Mormon in missionary work to help others become converted. It made me realize that most missionaries, including me, don't use The Book of Mormon enough to help others become converted. We introduce it, read it a little with them, and then move on. But there is so much more potential for using it. Even in our lives, we often underestimate the power that it can and does have. We also had a meeting just for the sisters after where we talked about how we can't compare ourselves to others and basically we have to keep improving ourselves. We also went around and each of us said something that we have learned on our mission. It kinda felt like girls camp in a way haha But it was definitely a spiritual boost. It was funny though because in the sisters meeting, Sister Wilson was talking about how some people appear to be at the top of the scale and others at the bottom. She was describing one of the people on the top like, "This person was born in the church to the Smith family on side, strong family, they are smart, athletic, funny, musical, etc." I leaned over to Sister Talbot and (half) jokingly said, "oh, I didn't know we were describing me." She laughed. But we went on and discussed the pros and cons of seeming to be on the top and on the bottom.  

We had MLC on Saturday with Elder Wilson and Wakolo as well. It is definitely awesome to be in these meetings because you get to grow even more as a missionary, but there is also a lot of leadership training that can be learned and applied for after the mission as well. 

I also had two more exchanges this past week. One of them was with Sister Drasbek, and it was kinda weird being her companion again, mostly because we were used to being companions in the MTC, and the mission field is a lot different than the MTC. It was also weird because we have both changed in the past year, but it was really cool to also be able to see that change. 

Something awesome that happened this week was that we were teaching a family that has 3 sons who are old enough to be baptized but aren't yet. While teaching the Plan of salvation to them, we got the impression to ask one of the sons (because he was the only one really in the room listening) if he wanted to be baptized. He did, and we put him on date. The mom said, "well, if he is getting baptized on that day, we might as well have the other two sons baptized on that day too." What a miracle! Also, technology is great because we were able to show a video from my iPad onto their TV thanks to Apple TV. Because my iPad was already connected, we were able to draw out the plan of salvation on my ipad, but everyone could see it on the TV. The mom said she liked it, and that she had never had the plan of salvation drawn out like that before. 

Sister Talbot and I also got asked out on a date. We were talking to this guy, and he had met with missionaries in the past, and we asked him if he would want to meet with missionaries again. He said "nah, but if either of you want to go to a movie, I'd be down for that." We kindly restated our purpose, and he rode away on his bike 😂

I'm sure there were more things that happened this past week, but I can't remember it all.  
Love y'all! 
Sister Smith

Weekly dog pic

Apple TV picture fun

More AppleTV fun

Sisters at the mission tour

You would think that the white stuff on the Christmas tree was decoration,
but it's not. It's actually cat hair

Sister Drasbek and I after exchanges.
Have we changed (looks wise) in the past year? Haha

Solar Eclipse viewing

I do have this picture where the sun was reflected onto my chin 😂 and I didn't even notice it until after the picture was taken 

Apartment temple pic

Companion temple pic

Sister Talbot and I with Sister Wakolo

Solar eclipse viewing video #nerdlife lol

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