Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Hitting it with E's

So Sister Talbot is the music coordinator for the mission and is in
the process of training another missionary to take over that, but we
were looking at songs we could sing for a mission meeting, and there
was one song with a high E. I was just looking at it and said, "That
high E is just so high and it's hard for me to hit. But then there are
some people I know who just hit it with ease." Then, I realized the
pun I had just made was not intended, and we just laughed about it.

Well, this week was long and busy and crazy. Monday night, all of our
plans fell through—typical mission life. Tuesday, we had transfers. It
was crazy because we were trying to finish packing and cleaning since
all 4 of us were moving out. And we played Tetris with all of our
stuff in our car. Luckily, I have learned how to put things in car to
maximize space. It was stressful though. But I got Sister Talbot, put
my stuff in another car, and headed to our apartment. When we got to
our apartment, this was Sister Talbot's description, "It seems like a
tornado came though the apartment and picked up an outhouse on the
way." In other words, it was a disaster, was really dirty, and it
smelled really bad (like wet dog 😷). But it is all better now because
we took three hours out of Wednesday to clean it with our roommates.
The smell is gone. It is organized. And it is clean.

We were busy this week. Because Sister Talbot is the music coordinator
and we have 3 big mission meetings coming up in the next couple of
weeks, we spent a lot of time at music practice. And because my
companion is in charge, I am singing in at least 2 of the musical
numbers. We also had an STL meeting one morning, so that took up time
from our area as well.

But we were able to meet with some of our investigators this week.
There are some super awesome people in this area! But we have one
investigator who has a strong personality and just has had a lot of
things happen in the past. Sister Talbot warned me that she sometimes
comes off like she is bashing. Luckily, she told me that before
because during the lesson she basically criticized the way I taught
something and the phrases I used. If she hadn't told me beforehand, I
would have been shocked and probably a little upset about it. I still
felt a little criticized though. Then I got over it lol.

I also taught my first skype lesson this past week. It is a little
different, but I am so grateful for technology that allows us to still
be able to teach someone even if we can't meet with them in person for
whatever reasons.

This past week I have been thinking a lot about faith and miracles.
Ultimately, miracles are a result of our faith. If we want something
to happen, we first have to have the faith that it can and will
happen. We also have to have enough faith and trust in the Lord that
if the miracle we are seeking does not happen that it is the will of
the Lord and for whatever reason, it is better that that particular
miracle does not happen.

Love y'all!
Sister Smith

You know it's going to be a good transfer when you see this the first night

Closest thing to my weekly dog pic

Krazy Air crew today

It was pouring rain outside

 Highway signs 😂

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