Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Foiling my plan

So I had leftover food I was going to put foil over, so I pull out the
foil and start getting it. Then the whole roll come out of the box and
fell on the floor. I immediately remarked, "well, that foiled my

Anyways, this week has been pretty fantastic! The Lord has blessed us
in so many ways! We had many great lessons. We are helping prepare the
Wolf boys for their baptism this Saturday! We are so excited for it.
We finished the lessons, and they have their interviews this week!
Well, the oldest son Christian is really the only one who has to be
interviewed by the district leader. So yeah. It's fun and crazy and
everything all at the same time.

We also went and got facials as a way to meet with a less active
member since she does facials and we haven't met with her for awhile.
So a member came up with the idea, and then she payed for us and
herself a facial. It was relaxing and I definitely want another facial
now. But it was really good since we had about 2.5 hours with her.

An awesome experience we had was last week we contacted a referral we
got from the elders since they helped her move in, and this week we
had our first discussion with that family. It is a mom with 4 of her 5
kids that live with her. We walk in, and they were making us
breakfast/lunch (it was 11am and they made pancakes). Her reasoning
for making us food was, "What kind of mom would I be if I didn't feed
you?" But the best part was that the Spirit was so strong and when we
asked them what it would mean to them if this message was true and if
Joseph Smith was a prophet, the mom said that they are pretty sure
that they know that Jospeh Smith was a prophet by all that came from
it and how many people have had better lives by joining this church.
She even said, "if I had to give you a percentage, we are 89% sure
about it." Like, it was super awesome, and they want to read the Book
of Mormon.

There is also an investigator named Saprina. It's an interesting
situation. She was taught the first two lesson by missionaries in the
Gilbert mission because that is where her friend lives (who is trying
to be more active). But we got a referral from her boss. But she is
actually YSA age, so we technically shouldn't be teaching her. But
counseling with the other two sets of missionaries, we came to the
consensus that we would teach her until they decide to transition to
the YSA ward, and she can just got to church in the other ward for now
since that is how she is progressing the most since Sister Talbot and
I have had the most luck with meeting with her and her friend. Funny
story I forget to tell was a couple weeks ago we had a lesson set up
with her, and when we got there, the YSA missionaries were there since
they had gotten a different referral from somewhere else for Saprina
and just happened to show up right before us to try to contact her
lol. So we had a lesson with four missionaries. Anyways, now that we
have an extended edition of her background, she is super awesome!
Like, her and her friend are now in 2 Nephi 6 in the Book of Mormon,
and they always have questions for us us about what they have been
reading, and they are always really good questions. And this week, she
told us about a spiritual experience she has, and we can tell she is
starting to recognize the truth of things, and it is so great! I just
love meeting with her, and in the past week or two, her brother and
friend have also been sitting in on the discussions as well. Ahhh,
it's just so great!

I just really love this area. The Lord has blessed this area so much.
The Lord has been blessing our whole mission. Last month, we set a
finding goal of 680 and baptism goal of 30, which was far reaching a
little bit for our mission. Well, we knocked the finding goal out of
the park by finding about 850 (we don't know the exact number yet) and
we reached 30 baptisms (which I think I may have mentioned last
week... if I did, oh well). It was so awesome. Sister Talbot and I
even reached all of our companionship goals for our key indicators
this week. Like, I can't even describe how I feel about this past
week. It has just been so awesome!!

Also, we went to the ghost town again and went into "the mystery
shack". It was trippy the way gravity was in there. It kinda made me
sick. But we were able to get the person who runs the place to give us
a buy one get one free admission, so that was nice 👍

Anyways, I love y'all!
Sister Smith

Weekly dog pic


When an elder doesn't feel good and you have soup in your fridge 😂

Y'all, gravity was messed up in this place. Leaning forward with no effort

And backwards

We so cute

Enjoy the video of us trying to get of this chair with gravity messed up

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