Monday, September 11, 2017


So our roommate, Hermana Young, will always say "Mariposa!" every time
we see a butterfly (since that is butterfly in Spanish). We found one
on the ground that was mostly dead, so we brought it in and put it on
her desk. We left a note that said, "it BUTTER not FLY away." And then
later I added, "now that it's dead, it's probably not in a very merry
pose." (So I made a pun using English and Spanish.)

Anyways, this week was good! Christian, Aaron, and Carson were all
baptized on Saturday! It was such a good baptism! Aaron is autistic,
but he is super sweet and he definitely added some humor to the
baptismal service. After he was baptized and changed, he walked out
and said "I'm here! That wasn't so bad." The Spirit was so strong. As
missionaries, we always do a presentation, usually on the Restoration.
President Townsend was there, and apparently our Restoration
presentation was one of the best because he went home and told Sister
Townsend that who then told us last night. So that gave us a
confidence boost.

Also, Sister Talbot and I sang in sacrament meeting for one of our
wards, so that was nerve wrecking. But I made it through. We did a lot
of running around and stuff this week to eat dinners with people from
Sister Talbot's old areas. But it was fun.

Also, Saprina had an awesome experience. We invited her to pray about
a baptismal date, and she did! And, she described her experience like
this, "I was praying about it, and it was so clear. It was all white,
and in black letters October 22 appeared." Needless to say, she is on
date now. This is an excellent example of how we can and will receive
answers to our prayers when we are sincere.

Mhmm. What else. Oh yeah, transfer news. So I knew I would be getting
a new companion since Sister Talbot is going home. So I'm staying in
my area and will be companions with Sister Clark.

Love y'all!
Me while driving, "Look, Blue Bell truck! Sister Talbot, take a picture!"

We have a normal district I promise

Smith Family. They are so much fun!

Larry and Maria

Wolf family baptism!

Weekly dog pic (we also washed her for service)

Sister Glynn

Bye Sister Talbot 😭😭😭

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