Tuesday, June 6, 2017

It's a dead day

My companion said this to me and my response was, "well, we did help at a funeral today..." because we helped in the kitchen with the food for a funeral on Saturday.
We also had a member take us out to lunch on Saturday and they asked us what we got for our appetizer, and we got wings. Our member's response, who is 93, responded, "what are you going to do, fly out of here?" 😂

Anyways, this week was kinda slow. But we did have a miracle! We stopped by our investigator Heather's house on Tuesday to confirm our lesson on Wednesday. Long story short, she couldn't meet with us on Wednesday, and we ended up having a lesson then and there. Then, we put her on baptismal date for September 16 (so it's still a little ways off), AND she said the closing prayer (which she often hesitates to pray in front of us) and in that prayer she asked about being baptized in September. Like, y'all don't understand how big of a miracle this really is.

We met with a few other people, but nothing else too exciting.
Also, the Pitcher family is awesome. We always have an amazing dinner when we eat at their home, and they even opened up their home to our zone for a breakfast party we wanted to do. 22 missionaries in their home this morning, using their pots and pans and oven and stove, etc. Just AMAZING! And I know my mom appreciates Sister Pitcher sending her pics home haha

I've also been studying Mosiah, and King Benjamin's dying words are on point 👌 Don't forget to serve others! If you are struggling, read his words. If you are doing well, still go back and study his words.

Love y'all!
Sister Smith
Scaring Sister Colbert

Scaring Sister Colbert 😂

Weekly dog pic

Picking Oranges

Zone Breakfast at the Pitcher's home

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