Tuesday, June 20, 2017


So we had a talent show this past week, and so for my talent, I bench
pressed Sister Marcos (all 97 pounds of her) 8 times. People weren't
expecting it, and some thought it was an illusion at first. Someone
else made the joke that with an ironing board you can press your
clothes or press your companion (because she laid on an ironing

This week was busy and kinda crazy, and this week will be kinda crazy.
We taught a fair amount of lessons, and we had another lesson in
partial Tagalog. We also met with another investigator who is from
China, and we brought a member with us who speaks Mandarin, so we had
a lesson in partial Mandarin. We did have some lessons in English
though haha. The lesson with Roger (the one in Tagalog) was pretty
good. It was kinda interesting and awesome because Sister Marcos
extended the baptismal invitation, but it was in Tagalog, but it was
really awesome because I knew the moment she started the invitation
even though I really had no idea what she was saying in Tagalog. We
also were able to meet with one investigator we haven't been able to
meet with for a long time! And it was a pretty great lesson.

We also picked like 13 bags of oranges this past week for service, and
we juiced about 9 of those bags I think so far. So we have plenty of
fresh orange juice (most of which we put in gallon freezer bags and
froze). I am definitely not lacking on Vitamin C right now though.

This week was crazy a little bit though because our roommate was
called to train this transfer that starts this week and my companion
was called to be an STL, so they had meetings on Friday and Saturday.
On Friday, Sister Colbert joined sister Marcos and I for a bit, and
then on Saturday I joined sister Clark and Colbert for a bit. Also,
today Sister Clark and I did an exchange so we could go to the store
while our companions packed since Sister Colbert is going home, and
Sister Marcos is getting transferred (we got permission to do this
exchange haha).

Speaking of transfers, we got transfer news on Saturday. I am staying
in my area and am getting Sister Wade as my new companion. I will be
greenie-breaking her, which means she just got done being trained. I'm
really excited to get her as a companion because I feel like her and I
will get along really well. And I'm keeping the car.

Nothing much else from this week. Hope y'all all have a great week!
Sister Smith
time lapse from zone sports this morning
Our "awkward family" district pics

Bench pressing

Yep, dogs still make me happy

Need oranges?

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