Tuesday, June 13, 2017

What do you think about the defense?

I will explain that one in just a minute.

So this week seems like it was really long! But it was fairly good.
Monday night we went to some FHEs. One for the empty nesters in one of
our wards, and then at the Faasavalus. It is sad because the
Faasavalus are moving/have moved out of our ward. Even though at some
point I would leave this area anyways, it sad to see them move, and
I'm going to miss them.
Tuesday, we did some service and had a lesson and did some member
visits with a ward missionary to invite people to the ward activity on

So Wednesday was really eventful. I was able to have lunch with Coach
Fincher (my high school track coach), his wife, and their daughter
Abby. It was really fun to see someone from home (although it was
kinda weird all at the same time). During lunch, we caught up and
talked about sports. After lunch though, we all headed to the
Visitors' Center, and I, along with some VC sisters, were able to show
him around some and talk about what I do a little more as a missionary
and some things we teach about (like The Book of Mormon). But before
we did the little tour at the VC, we were talking with the other
sisters and Elder Lochhead (who is the director of the VC). Elder
Lochhead and Coach Fincher were having their own conversation, and
then the rest of us hear Elder Lochhead ask, "So what do you think
about the defense?" Mrs. Fincher made a comment about not knowing if
that question had to do with football or politics because it could go
either way, and we didn't know either, so we all started laughing (it
was about politics btw). So yeah, the VC was great, and it was fun
seeing them! Later that night, we did visits with a member of the
Primary presidency. We had some great visits, especially because the
member could add another perspective or insight specific to primary or
kids that we couldn't. We did have one really awkward visit, and none
of us knew what to do. It was just so awkward, and I think we were all
a little shocked by it. After the visits though, Sister Larson (who
did the visits with us) took us to Sonic and we got half priced

Thursday night, we had a lesson that was partially in English,
partially in Tagalog because we were teaching a Filipino guy. He has
some interesting lights in his home... His home was also 95° inside
(no joke!). Hopefully, the next lesson will be at the church or in a
member's home.

Saturday morning, we had a ward breakfast party. There was food, a few
games, and swimming. Man, I wanted to jump in that pool so bad, but I
stayed a solid few feet from it.

Last night, there was a member missionary Fireside. They are always so
good, but I love hearing the testimonies of converts, especially
recent converts. They always seem to have a simple testimony, but it
is so powerful and strong. Also, the music is always fantastic.
Nothing is better than feeling the Spirit so strongly through music
and testimonies of converts. It always boosts and lifts me up.

Anyways, I hope y'all all have a fantastic week!
Sister Smith

 Whipped Cream Shenanigans

Lights and Tagalog

I need this pillow

Coach Fincher, his wife, Abby and I! (I wanted to get a pic in
front of the Christus, but it was closed 😢)

Sister Smith or Spider-Man?

Weekly dog pics

 Pic with Brother and Sister Faasavalu

Whipped cream fight (really, it was just supposed to be us pie-ing
the other district because we won a competition, but then it turned to that)

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