Tuesday, June 27, 2017

In the coolest ward

So my new companion, Sister Wade, is from Alaska. One of our ward
mission leaders, Brother Linford, likes to make puns too, and so he
asked Sister Wade, "Do you know why you were sent here?" And then he
would say, "Because it's the coolest ward." I wish being in the
coolest ward made a difference in the temperature outside though. It's

This week was good though. Sister Wade and I get along really well,
and so it's made this past week fun. Brother and Sister Linford deemed
us a dynamic duo our second night as companions.

We have our two investigators, Heather and Roger, who were able to go
to the Tucson Temple open house on Saturday with some members. They
both really enjoyed it, and it was a great opportunity for them. We
also had a lesson with our other investigator Jun. We just started
with the basics over again, so we taught him how, when, and why to

We went to the VC with a family in one of our wards and watched the 2
new Restoration videos that came out on the coming forth of the Book
of Mormon. They really are awesome and bring the Spirit so much. It
helped make my testimony of the Restoration and the Book of Mormon
even stronger.

Also, congrats to my younger brother Jacob for getting his mission
call to the Peru Piura Mission.

Love y'all!
Sister Smith
Don't see this very often here in Mesa, AZ

Transfer Day

Weekly dog pic

Vote Sister Smith for Zucchini mayor (biggest zucchini I've ever
seen. A member grew it)

It's hot

 I broke it (with a law of chastity pamphlet) (only missionaries
will get the "broke it" joke)

We had a fly problem and had a killing spree

Zone sports post water balloon fight

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