Tuesday, April 4, 2017

Too many puns for a subject line

So this week, I have lots of puns.
1. Orange you glad you have missionaries to help: we did a service for
a member to pick oranges from her trees, and we have been drinking
lots of fresh orange juice. So good!
2. Nuts and bolts, nuts and bolts. I got screwed: haha the nut that
holds my left pedal on my bike fell off, so our plans had to be
3. Pedal to the metal (or the concrete): to go with #2, my pedal
basically fell off while riding
4. Something really grinding my gears: literally, my gears on my bike
were grinding because my back axle on my bike was also loose. So my
gears grinding was grinding my gears
5. Sister Smith riding Sister Smith's bike: along with my bike
problems, we had a member, Sister Smith, who let me borrow her bike

Anyways, this week was pretty good. We stayed busy and did lots of
service. One day, we even did service for 3 different people! We had
some great lessons with members. We are still struggling to find
people to teach consistently in our area, and we are really trying to
get members involved. We are hoping the Easter Pageant that starts
this week helps members get involved and brings in referrals. And this
week will be crazy busy with everything going on in the mission, but
I'm so excited for it all.

For this past week though, we also had 3 lunches in a row where
members fed us! #blessed
And we also had like 5 families offer to feed us dinner this month,
and one of them is a part member family, so we are really looking
forward to that.

Spiritually, this week was great! The Easter initiative video came
out! #PrinceofPeace If you haven't watched it, go watch it and share
it. Christ really does provide peace!
Then, General Conference. I just loved it. I felt like there was a
strong emphasis on gaining and growing faith as well as being able to
recognize and follow the Spirit. I'm definitely excited to go back and
study the talks again.

Love you!
Sister Smith

Packing 101: Empty container? Fill it with something

Conference is always great with Panda Express
(s/o to Sis Faasavalu for the food)

Helping with an April Fools joke.
Some women decorated their husband's cars
while in the Priesthood Session.

How do you know it's the Priesthood Session?
Trucks everywhere in the parking lot. lol

Another dog picture. German shepherd 😍

Downtown exploring round 2

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