Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Just hopping along

So I may or may not have put on an Easter bunny suit to help out with
an activity Saturday morning... and I may or may not have taken a
video of me hopping around in it lol

This week was pretty good. We went to the Easter Pageant 3 more times
this week, and one night we even had front row seats because we
brought an investigator who has a daughter who is deaf, so we got to
sit in front with them so they could see the ASL translation.

We also found 2 new investigators this week, one of which is really
solid and golden. Her name is Emily and she is 11 years old. She has
been to church a handful of times already with her friend. At first,
her mom didn't want her to be taught by the missionaries and stuff,
but now she can. Our first lesson with her was last Monday night at
the members' home that she is friends with. She was telling us how
lately she has felt a stronger need to go to church and everything!
She even asked some awesome questions during the lesson, and she
already knew how to pray. It was kinda funny because we asked her what
the first step to pray is and she said, "Dear Heavenly Father" and
then we asked her what the second step is, and she said, "Thank you
for this day." It's just funny that she has picked that line up from
hearing people say that because so many of us do say that haha. She
even asked us if we wanted her to say the closing prayer. Like, how
many investigators do that? So yeah, it was awesome.

Another funny moment from this week was we were eating at a member's
home, and the mom pulled out ranch dressing for the salad, and one of
her daughters said, pointing to the ranch, "and this is for pizza." 😂
The mom said that clearly they don't eat enough salad in their home

We also had exchanges this week, and I went with Sister Crookston into
her area, which meant I was in a car for a day. It was kinda
refreshing to be in a car and in a different area. It was cool though
because all in that day, we taught someone from Kenya, someone from
China, and someone from Vietnam. So much variety, but it was just a
good reminder that this gospel really is for everyone.

We also did service at a food bank. It was a lot of fun, especially
because it was a smaller food bank and so it wasn't chaotic. We just
helped prepare the boxes for people to pick up later that day. They
did a little drawing to win a prize in the morning. My companion was
the one to draw the name out of the container, and right before she
did, I told her she better draw my name. And then she did. I thought
it was a joke when she said my name at first, but it wasn't. So I came
home with some protein powder haha

Easter Sunday was pretty great. The Sunny Mesa Ward has an amazing
ward choir, and so it was awesome for Easter. We had some members who
even brought friends to church on Easter, too. I just loved being able
to reflect on Jesus Christ and His life, His Atonement, and His
resurrection. I know that He lives and loves us. Without Jesus Christ,
I don't know where I would be right now. I have found peace and
comfort through Him. I have been given strength through Him. Christ is
the Savior of the world. I know this.

I love y'all and hope this week is great!
Sister Smith


Sister Smith or the Easter Bunny??

Just had to get a pic of my 'Easter outfit" even though it's a bad pic

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