Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Talk with strangers!

This is the motto for missionary work, especially at Christmas Lights lol

Anyways, this week was pretty good. It was long looking back though. Really, not a whole lot happened. We didn't have many lessons, so we did a lot of finding. 

Christmas Eve was good. It was wet and cold, but it allowed a miracle to happen. We were delivering cards and cupcakes to some of our investigators and members because there isn't too much you can actually do. Because it was wet and cold, one of the members invited us into her apartment. For the most part, we were just hanging out and talking with her. Then, we shared a little spiritual message to kinda start to close. Well, after that, she opened up to us to us about some struggles and concerns she has been having lately and we were able to talk about it some. When we went to leave (almost 2 hours after we arrived), she told us that she felt like it was an inspired visit. It was definitely an inspired visit and I am so glad we got to spend that time with her. 

Christmas Day involve lots and lots of singing for Sister Csolity and I. We sang with the Udall ward choir (since we were invited to a few weeks ago). Then in our YSA ward, we sang 9 songs as a congregation. It was basically a Christmas program, but instead of a choir singing it was the whole 26 members who were there. Then, that big we sang with the Arizona Mesa Missionary Choir at Christmas Lights. It was great though. I loved having my focus on Christ so much this year. I absolutely loved reading this year the account of Christ's birth in 3 Nephi 1 from the perspective of those in the Americas. And I also read Luke 2 by invitation for the dinner message Christmas Eve. 

Also, talking with my family was great. I think it definitely made Christmas be more like Christmas this year. 

Anyways, I love all of y'all! Hope Christmas was great and have a happy new year! 
Sister Smith

Views from morning exercise #nofilter

Zone funny pic
When Christmas Eve dinner is an hour late...

 Normal pic

Christmas pun- secret santa gift our Spanish roommates received lol

Our presents stayed in the closet until Christmas morning so we weren't tempted to open them

My friend Maison from my dorm freshman year

Michaela and I! (My roommate from sophomore year) It was fun to see her, even if it was briefly

Matching pjs thanks to my mom
Christmas breakfast. I had to have cinnamon rolls
Skyping with my family!
Another Sister told me I looked like a snowman with the side dots covered

Our Christmas setup
Had to have a pic of me opening presents just for my mom

I need more of this wrapping paper in my life
Roommate Christmas church pic

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