Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Happy (Transfer) New(s) Years! #newyearnewcompanion

So we got transfer news on new years eve, so that was the most exciting thing that happened that night as missionaries lol. Anyways, I am staying in my area, but I am getting a new companion named Sister Hirschi. I am excited for this new year and for a new transfer to start. I am really happy though to stay in this area though because there were a few people that I have come to love and wanted to continue working with.
One of them is Caleb. He has progressed so much and he is on date for January21 ! I am so excited! We have gone through everything and we have seen him soften little by little and make small changes so that throughout the past few months, he has changed so much.
Reflecting on this, it really is about making small changes over time to ultimately making a big change. It is like walking up a staircase--you take it one step (or maybe 2, possibly 3 if you have really long legs haha) at a time until you are at the top. That is what this life is all about. As it says in  Alma 34:32- "32 For behold, this life is the time for men to prepare to meet God; yea, behold the day of this life is the day for men to perform their labors."
And this is so true! We are to prepare. When preparing to run a marathon,you practice. You start by running shorter distances and build up to the marathon. You don't just show up to the race.
Something that was sad this week was that we got a call from our investigator Phil saying that his daughter didn't want him to be baptizedMormon (because we put him on date this week), so she will be picking him up and taking him to her church now on Sundays and he feels like he has to do what his daughter says since she helps take care of him... We have a plan to go back and have a least one more lesson with him and try to get him to church at least once because he was starting to progress more and more and we could tell he really wanted to try it out. Sometimes it is just so annoying when other people prevent someone from doing the right thing.
It is also sad because it was the last night of Christmas Lights on Saturday and all the lights started coming down this morning. It is going to be weird not having them anymore...
Anyways, Happy New Years! Set goals with the help of Heavenly Father! It will help so much!
Love y'all!
Sister Smith
Merry late Christmas to myself lol

Last District pic together

We are pros with chopsticks (not really...)

Once there was a snowman (full of goodies). Now it is small, small, small.

Last night of Christmas Lights
Have to keep Mary and Joseph dry somehow...

Drove by the one Whataburger within while taking other sisters back to their area.

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