Monday, January 16, 2017

I was Hungary, but then I got a Hirschi

I was going to make this my subject last week, but I forgot... So it is this weeks haha But yeah, it is because Sister Csolity was from Hungary and then Sister Hirschi's name is said like the chocolate

Anyways, this week was good. Nothing too exciting. Most of our investigators were sick at some point this week, and some are still recovery. There seriously is something going around because so many people have been sick.

We did have a miracle lesson with one of our investigators. She was a referral from Christmas Lights and we had not been able to meet with
her yet, but Sister Hirschi decided that we should text her. So we did and got a response that she was going to have surgery the next day and wanted us to come over that night. We were there in 5 minutes. We were able to bring her some peace and comfort, which is what she wanted. Hopefully, we can meet with her some more because she wants and has
started to make some changes in her life.

This week, we also had Zone Conference. Sometimes, they can seem long since they are 6 hours long, but they are always very spiritually
uplifting. Something that is a big emphasis in our mission right now is becoming more Christlike and also becoming more consecrated missionaries. It is something that I have thought about a lot, and
sometimes it can be so hard, but the best way to help others come unto Christ is by continuously drawing closer to Him yourself and focusing on Him. That should always be our goal.

To go along with that, I was reading in Alma 8 this morning and Alma goes to Ammonihah to teach, but gets rejected and leaves. As he is going somewhere else, an angel appears and tells him to go back. This was Alma's response: "Now it came to pass that after Alma had received his message from the angel of the Lord he returned speedily to the land of Ammonihah." Alma returned speedily. He didn't take his time and casually go back. It made me think of times when I have received correction and/or correction from the Lord. It is easier to "return
speedily" when we have a desire to obey the Lord and actually want to do it, when we are consecrated to the Lord. If we don't want to, it will be hard and we most likely won't complete the task to the best of
our ability and how the Lord would really have us do it.

Anyways, all is well here in Mesa.

Love you!
Sister Smith

This church sign always makes me laugh...

Zone pic at Zone Conference

Sometimes you bond with investigators by playing basketball with them (for the record, I won all 3 games of around the world and our game of one-on-one)

Keanna (investigator), Me, and Sister Hirschi

Missionaries can end up with a lot of keys sometimes

We had to do splits during church and so Shanna was my temporary companion and she put on her name tag that she keeps on her scriptures as a joke

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