Tuesday, January 10, 2017

They had tablets too

So in relief society in YSA, someone made the joke about how things are different now then back in the Bible and the teacher made the joke that they still had tablets back then lol

Anyways, this week was pretty fantastic! A lot of things happened. Transfers were on Tuesday, so Sister Hirschi is now my companion. We definitely have fun. We received about 7 referrals in 3 days, which is a lot, and we are working on contacting all of them. We have attempted contact, but some of them didn't answer their door or phone, so we will continue to work on that. But having a new companion come into your area is always good because it adds a new perspective and new ideas.

On Thursday, I was in a trio from about 10-5 because there is a sister, Sister Elisan, who got permission to stay on her mission for an extra week for a special reason, so while her companions were in a leadership meeting (MLC), she joined us. It was fun and really useful when we went finding in an apartment complex with a member because we could split up and cover more ground with the time frame we had. 

Also I learned this week that cleaning a house as service for someone is definitely better than cleaning your own home.

This week just felt very busy and productive. We didn't have too many lessons unfortunately, so we did lots of finding, but we have a few more lessons scheduled for this week now. 

Today, Sister Hirschi and I enjoyed the sunrise on temple grounds and it was stunning. Then a little later, we explored downtown on Main Street some, so I have lots of pictures.

This week, I began restudying the Christlike attributes, and as I have studied, I have realized how connected they all are. If we want to have more patience, we have to have faith. If we want more knowledge, we have to be diligent when we are studying and finding answers. I also began studying Alma 5. There are so many inspired questions, and as I read, it takes me back to Christlike attributes. If I want to be better and be prepared, I must continue to work on becoming more like Christ. I would like to challenge you to read through Alma 5 and ponder those questions that Alma asks as to how you can become more like Christ by improving your Christlike attributes.

I love you all! Have a great week!
Sister Smith 
Sister Hirschi and I

Trio for the day

This tree reminds us of the whomping willow from Harry Potter

Sunrise pics :) #noedit

Things we do for pics

Downtown exploring

So dramatic

My hand heart is bad, but that's okay. It's the effort that counts, right?

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