Tuesday, May 9, 2017

The Fan of Salvation

So this week, it got a little warm, like 108° warm. My companion
pulled out a pamphlet to use it as a fan, and she pulled out one and
didn't want it. Then she pulled out the Plan of Salvation pamphlet and
used that one, so I nicknamed it the Fan of Salvation.

To begin, we got transfer news and I'm getting car! I'm staying in the
area and getting a new companion. I'm trading one small Filipina for
and even smaller Filipina haha

So miracles this week:
Members are amazing here. Even though it was hot outside, members were
giving us plenty of water and A/C, so that was awesome. We got a
referral from a member! This member was prompted to talk to her
friend, and she did, and the friend said she wouldn't mind meeting
with us! We also ran into another member who lives in our ward
boundaries but her records aren't in our ward, but she gave us a
referral as well! Like, it was perfect. We are still trying to follow
up on those referrals, but member missionary work is starting to get
going a little more in this area! We also just had some solid
lessons/meetings with members this week.
Another miracle is that this week I had multiple things on my shopping
list for this week, but most of them have been given to me by others.
Most of the things have come from my roommate who is going home
tomorrow, so she is getting rid of some things. It's just perfect.
Like, sometimes the Lord really does work miracles, even if they are
things like this.
We also had 4 investigators at church this week! Which seriously is
pretty awesome for our area right now.
One of these investigators, we finally figured out where she actually
lived because we had taught her at a member's home and didn't know
where she lived. But we were able to contact her at her house, and
this week we should have a lesson not only with her, but with her mom
Another investigator was invited over for dinner by members when they
were also feeding us. We ended up having a nice discussion afterwards
where we mostly just talked about the power of the Book of Mormon, and
the members were able to bear their testimonies naturally, and I
thought it was pretty powerful.

So yeah, it was a pretty good week. I don't think there is really
anything else noteworthy to write...

Love y'all!
Sister Smith


Wore this to church on Sunday. A lot of people liked it (shoutout to Sister Sio)

Zone sports pic

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