Monday, October 10, 2016

Having a Glad(ys) (K)night

So Gladys Knight had a fireside this week in Mesa, and it was sooo good! It was a little tiring because we were out late (with permission of course). But no words can describe just how great it was.
Other funny things: Read 1 Nephi 11:10 and then immediately 1 Nephi 11:15. A member showed this to us. Also, our investigator Skylar is overcoming a Word of Wisdom issue and he was talking about wanting just continued support and a member named Katie (love her to death) said, "I WILL SUPPORT THE CRAP OUT OF YOU!" It was really funny and Skylar's reaction was, "What did I get myself into?" and Katie said, "Mormon support." It may not be as funny for everyone reading this, but it was really funny in the moment. 

Also, I have now been out for 2 months and have made it through my first transfer! I will be staying in my area, but will be moving so that we will be closer/in our area.  

This past week was great though! To start, we now have 3 investigators with baptismal dates! And we are planning on setting 1-2 more on date this week. We also found 5 new investigators, so the work is going great right now! 

This past week, I was also really able to gain a love for those people I am teaching and in my area. During multiple lessons this week, we would be teaching and I would just feel a love for those that we were teaching. Also, we were able to witness some progress in some of our investigators who kind of stalled out for a little bit. Then Skylar, who is on date for baptism, could not stay for all of church, but he admitted to me that he felt bad for not being able to stay the whole time. That shows how he is changing and being converted. 

A neat experience we had this week was meeting with a member from one of our wards who is blind. When you first meet her, Sister Gray, you would have no idea that she is blind because she looks at you when you speak and when she speaks, she looks at you. Her eyes also move like she is looking at you and stuff. Then, when she goes to walk around or get something, you realize that she is blind because she does the hand moving around to try to find what she wants. But she has a strong testimony and loves doing missionary work. She is so sweet. Also, I realized how helpful Siri can be because while we were with her, she pulled out a phone. Then, she asked Siri for her messages and also what time it is. It really is amazing what technology can do and how helpful it can be. 

Something that I did struggle with a little bit this week was wondering if I really did have a strong testimony. I know a lot of missionaries go through this phase on their mission. I had prayed to know if I did have a strong testimony, and my prayer was answered. During Sunday School in my YSA ward, everyone was combined since it was ward conference, and the theme was kind of missionary work and rescuing and finding. They had 3 converts tell their conversion story. One of them talked about how when he was deciding if the church was true or not, he felt like he knew he was holding a green apple in his hand, but he was still praying to God and asking God to tell him that he was holding a green apple in his hand. This is what I felt like-- I know I have a strong testimony, but I wanted God to tell me. Often times, I feel like we struggle wondering if we know things are true or wondering if we have a testimony, when in reality, we already know and we have known. It is just Satan trying to put doubt in our head. I would invite any of you who are struggling with this to ask yourself, "Do I already know this? Do I need to have God tell me what I already know?"

I love all of you guys!
Sister Smith

Black cat that hangs around the apartment we will be moving into tomorrow

On the shuttle to go to the Gladys Knight fireside

Waiting in line. Skylar is the one in the black shirt. Laura (white cardigan) was our investigator but just moved. The other 2 people are Jessee and Katie

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