Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Ammon was here

So we went to the mall today with our roommates, and in Dillards,
there were mannequins without arms, and the arms were sitting on a
counter not too far away. I made the joke that Ammon must have been
here (missionary jokes lol)

Anyways, it has felt like the longest week (5 days) since I last
emailed (and that is probably partially because I have been feeling
kinda sick since about Wednesday...), but at the same time it went by
fairly fast. We had a 2 hour lesson with Heather on Thursday.
Typically, lessons aren't that long, but it was a good lesson for us
because we were able to figure out her biggest concern/need and why
she isn't progressing more. So we will be working on that one. We also
had another lesson with Roger. He did say that he believes The Book of
Mormon is true, which is great, but he said he isn't sure if he wants
to be baptized because he afraid of water lol. But faith conquers

The only other notable thing from this week is that we had another
Member Missionary Fireside last night. It always inspires me to see
other people who have become converted and want to share the gospel
with others. The testimonies they have usually aren't very deep, but
they sure are strong.

Oh, just something that was kinda funny and awesome from zone sports
this morning was that I walked out of the gym to change into a dress
since I was leaving early to go get my hair cut. We were playing
k-ball (idk how it is spelled). Well as I came in (with my athletic
clothes in my right hand), the ball came flying my way. I ended up
hitting the ball with the top of my right hand to another person who
was on my team. Then, moments after that, the ball came my way, and I
caught it with my left hand and passed it to someone else on my team
(who then scored). It was pretty cool in person though it might sound
pretty lame in email.

I almost forgot to mention a cool fact Sister Wade and I figured out
this week: The day Sister Wade got baptized was actually the same day
that I made my decision that I wanted/needed to serve a mission.
Coincidence? We think not.

Anyways, love y'all!
Sister Smith

Evidence of Ammon's presence

Cool sky pic

I got to ride in a Tesla this week. It was fun!

Sister Johnson: "look at the beautiful view"
Me: *jumps in front of the camera* "Thanks, I know I'm beautiful"

The actual beautiful view

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