Tuesday, March 14, 2017

It's the dog days

Okay, not really. But it is getting hot and this week was slow when it
comes to the work.
Also, this week I got to hold two different puppies, and one of them
is absolutely adorable (see pics)

But yeah, as I said, it was a slower week. On Thursday, I helped be an
answer to someone's prayer. Sister Daquioag and I decided to do splits
just to try to do more finding in one of our wards. So I went with a
member named Sister Wilkinson to go finding. We went to try to find a
member who we didn't know. Turns out that that member passed away in
December, and his wife is not a member. We went in to just try to get
to know her a little more. Long story short, she isn't really
interested, but as we were leaving, she brought up needing to find
someone to help fix her trust. It just so happens that Sister
Wilkinson's husband does that for work, so they were able to set up a
time to come back to do that. And this person has said that she had
just prayed and asked to help her find someone. So that was cool and
awesome. The Spirit definitely led us to her at that time for that

We also went to the Visitors' Center on Friday night with a family.
They are members, and they don't actually live in our ward boundaries,
but they were a referral to us from one of our ward members since the
wife is from the Philippines and so it would be good for her to talk
with Sister Daquioag. But we listened to the Christus narration, and I
love it! Something different always sticks out to me every time. This
time, the thing that stood out to me was, "Let not your heart be
troubled." This is Christ talking to us. He is there to comfort us no
matter where we are. It brings peace to me just thinking about this.
Just the fact that Christ can help us get through anything is amazing.

I love you guys!
Sister Smith

 We went hiking for FHE at silly mountain and were able to watch the sunset

 I just really like this pic because it's the perfect mix between a
dark sky, a sunset, and city lights

Zone after ZTM

Toy chihuahua puppy



Sister Hirschi came back in town for something, and made time to see us

The cute puppy-- half German shepherd 😍

VC with the family we went with

I am a Samoan goddess. Haha jk (although I think I look pretty
good in the first one), but Sister Sio gave these to me since they
don't fit her but fit me 👍🏼

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