Saturday, November 26, 2016


I know this isn't a pun or anything funny, but I have now been on my mission for 2 transfers! We got our transfer news on Saturday. I will be staying in my area but getting a new companion. Her name is Sister Csolity (it's Hungarian. It's not said like you think it might be said...). I am excited for what this transfer has in store.

This week was really good though! Looking back, it seems like it went forever, but that is probably just because of all the stuff that happened. We had so many lessons scheduled this week that we actually went on splits just so we could have a little more time for finding. And going on splits on Wednesday night was so good. I went finding and then had a lesson while Sis Leavitt had a lesson and then went finding. The reason it was so good though was because the lesson Sis Leavitt was teaching went about 10-15 minutes over, but in that time it went over, we were able to find out what the investigator is struggling with and what his need really is. Had we not been on splits, that extra time would not have been possible since there was a lesson right after we would have had to leave for. It was a miracle. It's also amazing to see people change as they learn and live the gospel. This investigator, we have really seen him grow, and now we know really how to help him grow even more.

Thursday was great because we got to go to the temple! I always learn something new when I go to the temple. And you can never have a bad day when you start it at the temple. The Spirit there is always so strong and it is always peaceful. 
On Thursday, we also had a Christmas lights meeting. It really got me excited for Christmas Lights to start, and it's crazy because they start this Friday! They have tested them out a few times, and they are so pretty! Something they are doing this year though is having sister missionaries from all four surrounding missions helping, so Mesa, Tempe, Gilbert, and Scottsdale missionaries. It was kinda funny walking out of the meeting into the parking lot though because there were so many missionary cars. And you know missionary cars because they have a dot on the back with a number, tiwi in the window on the drivers side (btw, tiwi is something that monitors your driving), and a lot of missionary cars have bike racks on the back as well. Many of us made a comment about this and just laughed. I really wish I had a picture of the parking lot. 

We also were able to do service this week. We helped at one of the food banks where we helped to assemble food boxes that we going to be handed out later that morning. We also helped a family move. 

Overall, this week was great. We did have a disappointing moment though where one of our investigators called and dropped us. It was hard because we know this can truly help him and give him strength to overcome his trials. But we all have our agency. 

Since it is Thanksgiving week, I want to take a brief moment to express my gratitude for all of my family and friends. I know they have all helped me in my life and helped me become who I am today. I especially want to thank my parents for always supporting me and showing that they love me.

With much love and gratitude, 
Sister Smith
My district for transfer 2

Funny pic


Me and Sister Leavitt

Pueblo Zone (minus Elder Miller and Iskow)

Pro selfie taker

My mission mom and sister

This is Hermana Lopez. She knows my friend Nelly from back home

The fun things you find in the parking lot at the Visitors' Center haha

Our apartment fridge at the current moment. I think we have enough eggs...

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