Monday, November 7, 2016

It is getting chili!

So it's not really getting cold, but it is cooling down a bit, and we had chili 2 nights in a row for dinner. I guess it's chili weather now? 
But this week was nice. One day it rained a lot and it was in the lower 60s. We have had multiple days in the 70s and it is so beautiful. The weather really is starting to get really nice.

This week was good. Last Monday night, we had our mission Halloween activity. There were 3 stations. My zone started with games, along with 2 other zones. I'm not competitive or anything, but my zone won (Go Pueblo! Haha). Then we went to the family history center and did some family history. I was able to find a few names for the temple. Then, we went to the VC and watched 2/3 of the new Meet the Mormon clips they have. So it was a good night.

Tuesday, we had a miracle lesson. We had one lesson fall through, which is always disappointing, but because it fell through, we were able to meet with another investigator who just called us and we were able to go to his house at that time. We had another experience like this on Friday with a different investigator. It was a miracle. 

Wednesday, we had the miracle of when we went to go finding, we were able to talk with most of the people we were wanting to find and set up return appointments, which rarely happens. 

On Thursday, I gave my first training at a district meeting. I think it went well. It was on how commitments are an essential part of repentance. Ultimately, commitments invite people to act and change. I gave an analogy that we are the coach and those we are teaching are the players. We have the responsibility to coach, and they have the responsibility to be coachable. If they aren't coachable, we can't do much to help them.

Nothing is too notable from Friday or Saturday. Yesterday night was a little rough. We went to find this family who moved in not too long ago and long story short, they are on the edge of leaving the church over some issues and stuff. It is sad too because the husband, wife, and the mom all served missions. Sister Leavitt and I talked about it some this morning and it all comes down to we know what we know because of experiences we have had that are undeniable. I know that this gospel is true and that the Book of Mormon is true. That is why I am out serving a mission. I know the Atonement is real and that through it we can become better each and every day. There is no denying the experiences I have had and the witness that the Spirit has borne to me.

I love all y'all!
Sister Smith

It does actually rain in AZ

We helped make dinner at a member's house, and she gave us aprons to wear.

Horse drawn carriage for newlyweds 

Some of the Christmas lights on Super Saturday

Guess which wifi belongs to a member? Haha

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