Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Itn a hairy situation....

So the reason my subject is that is because my hair brush broke the other day haha... Luckily I can still use it because the handle just broke off from the actual brush part, but I'll probably just get a new one once I get to AZ.

To start, I was finally able to get here on Thursday. My flight went well and we even landed a little early. After, I went to Brick Oven with some friends and relatives before heading off to the MTC. I got my name tag and everything, and then I had to wait for my companion to come get me from the front desk since she was at lunch. Waiting there for that short time was kinda hard, but as soon as my companion, Sister Drasbek (pronounced 'drawsbeck') came and got me, things were a lot better. We put my stuff in my room and then jumped right into class. Class was good and I met my teacher Sister Prawitt. She's pretty cool. I did occasionally feel behind or out of the loop when people would talk about things or something, but I think I'm completely caught up now haha. After some studying and dinner, we met with our MTC branch presidency and just got to know them a little bit. Then, it was finally time for bed. It was crazy that I was able to make it through the whole day having been up since 3:15am, but I'm sure the Lord helped me out.

Friday started out at the gym. First time going to a gym for a while haha. After this and getting ready, we had personal or companion study for 3 hours. It was good, but did seem kinda long. There's a funny picture of my comp and I during this time that another sister in my district took, and hopefully I will be able to get that from her soon. I do love the fact that we have so much time to study on our own because we can really focus on what we want or need to focus on and we don't have to find time since it's scheduled for us.  After lunch, we had more class time and my comp and I taught our first lesson together. It's definitely a learning process, that's for sure. Really, the best part of Friday was our night class with Brother Christensen (I think that's how you spell it...). We really just talked about the Doctrine of Christ and why it is so important and how our purpose as missionaries aligns with that. The spirit was so strong in that classroom. Ultimately as missionaries, we invite other to come unto to Christ so that they can live the doctrine of Christ. 

Saturday, the first thing that really is somewhat exciting from my day is when I went to the gym and I played knock out with people. My basketball skills are not what they used to be, but they are still pretty good. A lot of the people I was playing with were like, "Hermana, you are good!" (Hermana because they are going spanish-speaking). And they were always afraid when I was behind them haha. After this, there was companion study and something that was just reinforced in my life is that we will always be blessed and helped through whatever we are doing if we are doing those things God had commanded us to do. In class that day, the best part was studying the Book of Mormon together. There is so much to learn when you really take your time and discuss things with others. That night before bed, my comp and the other two sisters in our district just sat and talked and laughed for almost an hour. It was a nice change in pace and reminder that we can still have fun. 

Sunday was really good just because our schedule is a little different than most days. Our sacrament meeting was soooo good. One of the counselors in my branch presidency gave an awesome talk about the Book of Mormon and having a testimony of it and why it is important. The story he told brought such a strong spirit and I don't think I have ever seen so many people tear up in a sacrament meeting before, especially young men haha.  Church at the MTC is different since we don't really have Sunday school and there is a gap between meetings, so a little later I had relief society. It was weird because there were a total of 9 of us in the room, but 3/9 were the teaching... Later, after lunch and stuff, we went on a temple walk. I got some pictures of my comp and I as well as one with my district. I may not be able to send them today and if I don't, I will make sure to send them next week. Later that night, we had a devotional. But before the devotional, we were singing a few songs while waiting. Let me tell you, missionaries are still kids at heart. One of the songs we sang was Book of Mormon Stories, and we did the hand actions and all. Also, that song sounds pretty cool on the organ. The other song we sang was Carry On, and I have never heard so many people hit the high note at the end as I did that night. After the devotional, they have "movies", which is really just a devotional re-run. The one I saw was sooooo amazing though. It was all about the character of Christ, and how we should all try to obtain a character like Christ. In other words, we need to put off the natural man, we can't demand and want things now and our way. We can't get mad, no matter what the circumstance is. It was just so good.

Monday, was just the same old schedule basically. But this time, personal and comapanion study had a little more purpose because my comp and I were planning 3 different lessons for "investigators". Teaching lessons, like I said before, is a learning process. Really, not much else exciting happened.

Today, so far I have just gone to the temple, which is always good.

Just some other random things:
-my room only has four girls in it instead of six, so I was able to steal another pillow so I now have 2 to use haha
-our door shakes and makes a really annoying noise for some reason. My comp and I both woke up around 5:20ish a couple nights in a row from it, but we think we found a solution for it
-I'm pretty sure I know more people working at the MTC than I know missionaries at the MTC. So far I have run into 4 different people I know working at the MTC and 1 person I know that is a missionary

ALSO, USE DEAR ELDER WHILE I AM IN THE MTC, unless you want to send a package. DearElder.com will probably be easier for you and I can get your letter that same day or next day depending what time you send it. The info you need shoudl already be posted

Anyways, I love you all. 

Sister Smith

*pics will probably be sent later today. if not, next week
Sisters from my district- Sister Drasbek, Busath and Bjazevich

My District

My companion- Sister Drasbeck (She's 6'1". No she didn't play basketball or volleyball)

Temple Missionary Selfie

Another of my comp and I

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